Tatum "Tate" Jackson is the 44 year old hero of Sweet Dreams. He is a former professional football linebacker and policeman, and now works as a bounty hunter and is a part owner of in Bubba's. He drives a Harley and black Ford Explorer. He has a temper, and is likely say stuff he doesn't mean when he loses his cool. Laurie calls him Captain.


Tate has the tattoo of an eagle across his back up by his shoulder. He got it when he knew he would join the Philadelphia Eagles.

"His back was to me so all I could see was that he was tall and he had a great behind. He also had on faded jeans, a black, long-sleeved, thermal t-shirt and he had a head of thick dark hair that also shone in the lights, just like his Harley" - Ashley, Kristen (2011-04-23). Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain Series) (Kindle Locations 305-306).
"He was tall, maybe taller than he seemed in the parking lot or maybe he just seemed bigger in the bar since his shoulders were so broad. But his hips were lean and his legs were long, his thighs obviously powerfully muscled and I could tell that even through his jeans. His dark brown hair gleamed even in the dull light of the bar. It was thick and it was clear he washed it and let it fall where it lay for the part was natural and not straight. It was swept back but some of it fell around his temples and curled a bit around his ears and at the back of his neck. His eyes looked dark, I couldn’t tell the color but there were sun lines emanating from the sides that were attractive. His brow was heavy. His nose wasn’t perfect but it was straight with a slight bump at the top of the bridge that made it interesting. His cheekbones were cut and his jaw was strong. His skin was tanned in a way where I knew he didn’t get that color lounging by a pool. And he was wearing faded jeans, black motorcycle boots and a heathered-gray-blue, long-sleeved, skintight, thermal henley. He was beautiful." - Ashley, Kristen (2011-04-23). Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain Series) (Kindle Locations 545-553).



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