Tabitha "Tabby" Allen is the heroine of Own the Wind . She is introduced in Motorcycle Man as the 16 year old daughter of Tack Allen.  Own the Wind starts with her at 19 years old in the prologue and takes her through the next seven years.  She becomes a nurse, loves motorcycles, and is a very unreliable cook.


"She had Tack’s hair except long, its glorious waves cascading down her back well past her bra strap. She also had his sapphire blue eyes, hers were flashing because she was pissed way the hell off. She was petite and slim but rounded, wearing jean shorts, a sweet Harley Davidson tee and flip-flops. Her blemishless skin, every inch of it, was tanned a beautiful brown. She was a teenage knockout." - Ashley, Kristen (2012-05-21). Motorcycle Man (The Dream Man Series) (Kindle Locations 1498-1501). 
"thick, dark hair and those sapphire blue eyes, her curvy, petite body, perfect, golden skin still tanned from the summer." - Ashley, Kristen (2013-04-02). Own the Wind  (Kindle Locations 125-126). Grand Central Publishing.



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