Sampson "Sam" August Cooper is the 35 year old romantic lead for Heaven and Hell.

He grew up in bad neighborhood in LA and played professional football for the Indianapolis Colts.  When his brother died in Iraq, he joined the Army and became and Army Ranger (airborne).  He later left the army and was recruited by a secret commando organization. At the end of Heaven and Hell, he becomes a high school football coach.


"his strong jaw stronger in real life than in pictures or on TV, his high cheekbones higher and more defined, his straight nose straighter and more attractive, his thick, black hair clipped short to his head had a healthy sheen to it that was healthier in real life and the appealing dark tone to his skin he got from being half white, a quarter black and a quarter Hispanic was far more appealing in person." - Ashley, Kristen (2011-12-28). Heaven and Hell  (Kindle Locations 583-585). 
"His eyelashes were black, short and spiky but they were thick, so many of them, their fan seemed a unit, not individual lashes" - Ashley, Kristen (2011-12-28). Heaven and Hell (Kindle Locations 2299-2300).



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