Raiden "Raid" Ulysses Miller is the titular hero of Raid.  He starts the book 32 years old.  He works as an illicit bounty hunter - he only hunts adult male criminals, hands them over to whoever pays him (in cash) and walks away.  He drives a hunter green jeep and likes to stay active.

As a young teen, he kicked his abusive father out of the house and then tracked him down repeatedly and forced him to sign over his hunting cabin.  He worked to help support his mother and sister.  Later, he joined the marines and got a medal for heroism but sees Hanna Boudreaux as the true reward for his service. He suffers from PTSD.


"He was the most popular boy in school. Tall. So tall. Six foot four. Broad. Muscular. His hair a rich, dark brown, and even back then there were burnished highlights in his hair like he went to Betsy’s Salon." - Ashley, Kristen (2013-02-25). Raid (Unfinished Heroes) (Kindle Location 78-79).
"He was no less gorgeous, not after all these years, nearly fifteen of them. He was just as tall, but even more muscular. His shoulders so broad you could plant a tabletop on them and it would hold steady. Thick thighs. Sinewy, veined forearms. Big, rough hands.
"And those eyes.
"I’d studied them in the yearbook. So unusual, the way the green transformed from pupil to the edge of his iris.
"They were better with him older, tan; his strong jaw always thickly stubbled, like he shaved once every week because he didn’t have the time or inclination to bother with it, and further, he didn’t care what people thought. Those lines radiating out the sides of his eyes which just made them more interesting.
"His entire unbelievably handsome face and his thick, overlong hair seemed to exist in order to be a frame for those magnificent eyes.
"It did a good job.
- Ashley, Kristen (2013-02-25). Raid (Unfinished Heroes) (Kindle Locations 104-114)



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