Olivia Conrad is a recurring character in the Rock Chick Series.  In the first few books, she is the unnamed black woman who repeatedly ends up in fights with the heroines.  In Rock Chick Revenge, she almost starts a fight with them, but realizes they have a common foe in Noah Dexter /Jeremiah Levine and start socializing with the Rock Chicks.

She drives a Lexus, and her gradmother is Winnie Conrad.


She's about about 5'2" tall.

"The leader of the pack was short, round and had her black hair in big fat ringlets that were bouncing around her head and face. She wore fire-engine red lipstick and it looked good on her."  - Ashley, Kristen (2011-04-24). Rock Chick Revenge (Kindle Locations 11741-11742).


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