Nick owns a duplex where he lives with Jules Lawler


Four blocks from Fortnum's , two blocks from Indy Savage

" It was officially Baker Historical District but the not-so-good part. We were on Elati and had a park in front of our house but there was a subsidized high-rise apartment building on one side of the park and a low-rent apartment building across the park opposite it. Our house was historically registered and Nick kept it in great condition, regardless of the ‘hood. He’d redone his side, knocked out walls, put in a bedroom and tore out his pink kitchen." - Ashley, Kristen (2011-03-14). Rock Chick Renegade(Kindle Locations 248-253).


"So my side was a lot like a loft. Nick had put in a new bathroom for me and I’d carpeted the whole place in a thick, soft gray. The front room had huge arched windows, a brick wall, the other walls painted a soft lilac and it was enormous. It fit all my fancy furniture including the dove gray velvet chaise lounge that sat by the front window, my sweep-lined lilac couch which flanked a gleaming, square pub set with midnight blue, leather-studded pads on the benches and a blue-gray overstuffed chair and ottoman. My antique, oval, walnut dining table was at the inside wall. The half-circle-backed chairs I’d had re-upholstered in the same dove gray velvet as the lounge. There was a closet that separated the living room from the bedroom, though, you could only loosely call it a “bedroom”. It was really a king-sized mattress set on a platform opened to the hall which sat four feet above the floor. I had to climb up three narrow stairs to get to it. There was storage underneath it and big areas cut in around the side walls of the bed that were above the lowered ceiling of the hall and closet. This was where I kept books, candles and a television set. This was my refuge. A little, feminine cave with fancy cream sheets, a fluffy green and cream patterned comforter and an overwhelming array of pillows from standard, to European, to bedrolls, to toss. Then there was the bathroom and the kitchen. The hall was lined with floor to ceiling bookshelves that housed my massive CD collection. Mostly rock ‘n’ roll." - Ashley, Kristen (2011-03-14). Rock Chick Renegade (Kindle Locations 255-267).


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