Marylin Barlow is Ava Barlow's older sister.  She is a fairly noxious character for most of Ava's life, but they come to an tentative peace at the end of Rock Chick Revenge.


"moved to St. Louis after high school and got married to a car salesman then divorced him and almost immediately got married to a lawyer with whom she was currently involved in a bitter divorce at the same time dating a doctor, thus moving up in her chosen career as trophy wife. So far Marilyn had managed to work approximately four months of her life and spent the rest of it in spas and malls and on her back with sweaty slimeballs pumping away at her. I knew this because she talked about her active sex life a good deal, a kind of gross good deal, read: ick." - Ashley, Kristen (2011-04-24). Rock Chick Revenge (Kindle Locations 475-480). 
"My sisters had both been bombshells from puberty, all thick, dark, shining hair, big boobs, tight asses, flat stomachs, long legs and sultry eyes." - Ashley, Kristen (2011-04-24). Rock Chick Revenge (Kindle Locations 485-486). 


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