Lee Nightingale is the original Kristen Ashley alpha hero.  He's the owner of the Nightingale Investigations and a former Army Nightstalker.   He drives a silver Crossfire and a black Ducati Monster Testastretta.  When at Fortnum's, he orders Americano, black.


"Liam “Lee” Nightingale could hotwire any car going, had both a Mustang and a motorcycle, started smoking when he was thirteen, was rumored to be able to get a girl pregnant by just looking at her and was also voted Best Smile. He’s six foot two and gives the impression that faded jeans had been divinely created just for him. Lee also has thick, dark brown hair with just enough wave and chocolate-colored eyes with a heavy rim of long lashes. Lee was good-natured as well, but in an entirely different way. Without any effort at all, (mostly by crooking his finger, casting a glance or, if a girl was playing hard to get, he’d pull out The Smile), Lee nailed everything that was female, had long hair, big boobs, a fine ass and was breathing."  - Ashley, Kristen (2011-03-04). Rock Chick (Kindle Locations 137-142).
"Liam Nightingale still has killer good looks only slightly marred by a small, crescent moon scar under his left eye. He also still has a killer bod that looks great in jeans, great in sweats, great in suits, great in anything. He also still has a killer smile on the odd occasions he flashes it. " - Ashley, Kristen (2011-03-04). Rock Chick (Kindle Locations 175-177).
"In movie terms, Lee Nightingale was James Bond except more kickass and super cool. He didn’t bother messing with gadgets when he couldjust shoot someone. He was also a Broncos fan and, I had a feeling, when he had the time, James Bond watched rugby."  - Ashley, Kristen (2012-09-14). Creed (Unfinished Heroes) (Kindle Locations 1037-1039).



His romance is told in Rock Chick, but he also makes appearances in the following books: