Jacob "Deck" Decker is the hero in the Colorado Mountain Series book, Kaleidoscope. He likes women who are high maintenance and beyond ballsy; at some point in the past he lost a women he loved and it haunts him. His father was an electrician, but he went to private school with Chase on scholarship. He says he's a private detective, although what he actually does is shadier and more dangerous. He's been Chase's best friend since high school. Two years ago he moved to Chantelle. He has an IQ of 150 and is a certified genius. He likes to occasionally host parties, including some serious cooking. He meets the best friend of his ex-girlfriend, and an old friend of his, 9 years after he left her when he was dumped. Kaleidoscope is their story.

Description Deck is 6'4" and 220 lbs of muscled bulk with hazel eyes.

"his height, his muscled bulk and his mess of seriously longish, thick, dark hair. He didn’t need a haircut two weeks ago. He needed it two months ago. It curled and flipped around his ears and down to the collar of his jeans shirt, a heavy hank of it resting on his forehead falling past his eye." - Ashley, Kristen (2012-07-22). Breathe (Colorado Mountain Series) (Kindle Locations 8233-8235).


  • Best Friend: Chase Keaton
  • Significant Other: Emmanuelle Holmes


  • Breathe
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Rock Chick Revolution

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