Hopper "Hop" Kincaid is the hero of Fire Inside.  He's a member of Chaos MC


Thick, black, unruly hair that was long in front, often fell into his face and had little flips and waves all through it but especially around his neck. Gray eyes with lines radiating out the sides, that stated not only did he not have a desk job but that he lived his life, didn’t exist through it. Whether those lines were from squinting, laughter or frowning, they were intriguing and took your attention to the gray that was a pure gray, not slightly blue, not dark to black, just a startling gray.

His mustache, facial was the epitome of biker cool. Thick along his upper lip and down the sides, bushier at either side of his chin. He had no body fat in evidence, at all. He was tall, lean. There wasn’t bulk to his muscle but the definition stated without doubt there was power in his frame and that power wasn’t insignificant.

A dusting of black chest hair, not a thick mat. Short, rough, sparse but not meager, arrayed across his pecs and ribs.



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