Fortnum's Bookstore is owned by Indy Savage and is the place to hang out and get coffee for both the Rock Chicks and the Hot Bunch.  It was opened by her grandmother and stayed in the family all these years.  It's electronically monitored by Nightingale Investigations , and the regular antics of the employees and customer help with job satisfaction. It's later made famous when Jane anonymously publishes stories of the the rock chick courtships, which helps with Indy's revenue even if they get frustrated with the crowds.

"My bookstore is named Fortnum’s. There was no reason for this except Gram had gone to Fortnum and Mason’s in London the year before she opened it and she thought it sounded high brow. There’s nothing high brow about Fortnum’s." - Ashley, Kristen (2011-03-04). Rock Chick (Kindle Locations 197-200).


"Fortnum’s is a huge, old, musty, used bookstore (in the back) and groovy coffee shop (in the front)." - Ashley, Kristen (2011-03-04). Rock Chick Rescue (Kindle Locations 110-111).
"It has a bunch of mismatched shelves stuffed full of all sorts of used books and tables piled high with vinyl records. It’s a rabbits warren oforganized disorganization, every once in a while punctuated by a fluffy, overstuffed chair. Most people come in, find a book, read in a chair and leave without buying the book, maybe coming back the next day to pick it up again and read some more." - Ashley, Kristen (2011-03-04). Rock Chick (Kindle Locations 203-205).
"It was huge, smelled musty and had three big rooms. The front room had an espresso counter against the side wall facing Bayaud, a book counter facing Broadway and a door that opened from the corner. There was a couch, its back at the store length Broadway window, another couch facing it and a coffee table in between. There were bunches of tables and chairs and a few comfortable armchairs. Behind the book counter there were rows and rows of shelves, then another, smaller room full of more shelves and a table topped with open milk cartons stuffed full of old, vinyl records, then a huge back room filled with more shelves and books." - Ashley, Kristen (2011-03-14). Rock Chick Renegade (Kindle Locations 1229-1234).


Four or so blocks from Jules Lawler's house.



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