Dalton Caulfield McIntyre AKA Michael Simpson is a bartender at Bubba's. He's the May-December killer.


"Dalton was very good-looking too. Longish, dirty blonde hair that nearly hit his shoulders, lean body but without the bulk and power of Tate’s, just a couple of inches taller than me unlike Tate who had to be four or five inches taller than me and I was five foot nine. And Dalton wore jeans like they were invented solely for him and thus he needed to be consulted by all and sundry for his approval before they could don a pair. Last, Dalton had an easy smile that he flashed a lot and I could tell straight away it was genuine." - Ashley, Kristen (2011-04-23). Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain Series) (Kindle Locations 673-676).

Well-deserved EndEdit

He's beaten by Tate Jackson and Bubba Briggs before being arrested and sentenced to prison for his rape and murder of many women.


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