Billy is Roxie Logan's long-term ex-boyfriend.  They met when she was 24 and for the first few years, she thought she was in love.  The last couple years, she kept trying to leave him with little success.  Roxie came to Denver at the start of Rock Chick Redemption partly as part of an ill-conceived plan to finally leave Billy, but he tracks her down and is the main villain in the book.  Eventually, she learns he was a drug dealer, dealing smack.


"Billy looks like a young Robert Redford but instead of boy next-door charm, he has a bit (okay, a lot) of James Dean’s Rebel without a Cause drifting through him." - Ashley, Kristen (2011-03-04). Rock Chick Redemption (Kindle Locations 75-76).

Well-deserved EndEdit

Vance Crowe shoots his hand off at Daisy's big party in the Castle after he pulls a gun on Roxie Logan and then tries to turn it on himself.


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